Frequently Asked Questions


Teleconsultation is a remote video consultation between a doctor (general practitioner or specialist) and his or her patient. By using the Maiia application on your smartphone or directly on the Maiia website from your computer, you can consult your doctor on video, without having to travel!

A teleconsultation can be performed if a physical examination is not necessary. If not, your doctor will let you know. For example, teleconsultation is suitable for medical advice on a test result, adaptation of a treatment or obtaining a letter of recommendation to refer the patient to a specialist. Here are the cases commonly treated in teleconsultation by specialty (non-exhaustive list): General practitioner: prescription renewal, flu-like conditions, food poisoning, colds, allergies. Cardiologist: monitoring of high blood pressure, analysis of blood tests, treatment renewal. Gynaecologist: pill renewal, contraception, painful periods, urinary infection, STDs. Pediatrician: allergy, otitis, chicken pox, digestive problems, follow-up of chronic illness. Psychiatrist: night terrors, nocturnal enuresis, school phobia, follow-up, advice. Dermatologist: moles, chronic wounds, acne, eczema.

Developed with the medical profession as a whole, the Maiia solution was designed to meet the specific needs of a remote consultation and ensure an equivalent quality of care. Teleconsultation is carried out in specific cases of use that do not require a physical examination.

All you need is a smartphone or a computer with an integrated webcam/camera and an internet connection to consult your doctor.

It only takes a few minutes to find a practitioner and make a teleconsultation appointment on Maiia : 1) Go to our Maiia website or download the application*. 2) On your home page, search for a healthcare professional by entering his or her name, specialty and practice location. Maiia displays the results corresponding to your search criteria. 3) Choose a reason for consultation that can be done by teleconsultation (indicated by a camera icon) and then choose the date and time you want. 4) Create your account or log in and confirm the appointment. Fill in your personal details. Fill in your payment information. 5) A confirmation email is sent to you, you will be invited to connect 15 minutes before the start of the appointment.

*If you wish to carry out a teleconsultation from your mobile or tablet, remember to download the Maiia application!

Télécharger sur l'App StoreDisponible sur Google Play

You can teleconsult from our website on your computer or directly from the application*. 1) Go to our Maiia website or download the application*. 2) Log in 15 minutes before your teleconsultation appointment and click on the "Start video" button on your home page or on the appointment form and follow the steps displayed on the screen 3) Validate your information, means of payment, etc... 4) Enter your virtual waiting room 5) Upload your documents if needed (X-rays, test results, etc.) 6) Your doctor starts the teleconsultation. You exchange via secure video. 7) Your doctor validates your payment, ends the teleconsultation and sends you the prescription 8) The summary of your appointment is available in the "My appointments" section on your smartphone or on the Maiia website. You will also be sent an email summary.

*If you wish to carry out a teleconsultation from your mobile or tablet, remember to download the Maiia application!

Télécharger sur l'App StoreDisponible sur Google Play

On Maiia, you can make an appointment for one of your relatives. If it's your child, you simply need to be present during the teleconsultation.

Since September 15, 2018, teleconsultation is reimbursed for patients, in compliance with the coordinated care pathway. All procedures and specialties are eligible. In some cases, however, reimbursement by the health insurance is systematic: - Patients under 16 years of age - For certain medical specialties: gynecology, ophthalmology, stomatology, oral surgery or maxillofacial surgery, psychiatry or neuropsychiatry and pediatrics. - If the patient does not have an attending physician or the attending physician is not available within a timeframe compatible with the patient's state of health Good to know: In the event that you teleconsult a doctor who is not your regular doctor, you must have been referred by your regular doctor beforehand. Otherwise, you must have physically consulted this doctor in the previous 12 months.

The teleconsultation is billed by the teleconsulting doctor at the same rate as a traditional consultation. For general practitioners in sector 1 or 2 who respect the Health Insurance tariffs, it will be reimbursed on the basis of €25 in metropolitan France. As for other consultations, some private doctors (known as sector 2) may charge an additional fee. The rates of reimbursement are the same as for a physical consultation: - 70% reimbursed by the compulsory Health Insurance, - 100% reimbursed by the compulsory Health Insurance for exempted care (care related to a long-term condition, for example).

Payment is made by credit card via the website or the application. A request for pre-authorization of 25 euros on average will be asked beforehand but will not be debited. No banking information is stored on Maiia's servers. The data is sent securely to the online payment service. The service is managed and secured by Stripe.

You will find your prescription or documents sent by your doctor in the "My Documents" section.

Be careful to indicate precisely your information, as it appears on your doctor's file, in order to be recognized by the application. Indeed, some doctors only accept their patients for a teleconsultation appointment. If you are not in their patient database, you will not be able to make a teleconsultation appointment.